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Accelerate and modernize your organizational intranet with AQL’s customizable SharePoint intranet web parts while boosting employee engagement and productivity.​ 

Our unique and out of the box solutions powered with custom control capabilities allow you to add value to your business and promote a healthy workplace environment.​

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Employee Spotlight

Motivate your employees to work proactively and efficientlyTrigger a reward or bonus for the most efficient employee and inspire others as well. Leverage this webpart to create a positivefriendly, and bias free work environment.

  • Customizing the page to add multiple employee details. 
  • Social media integration like LinkedIn, Teams, Yammer, and many more to gather user feedback. 
  • Communicate with the spotlighted employee through mail, chat, or call. Click here to know more. 
People Directory

Get an instant employee directory wherein you can track employees’ availability and also additional info with respect to skills, past projects, reporting manager, department, etc. 

  • Alphabetical search option to filter employee names.
  • Pagination format to display all search results.
  • Dynamic filtering option to search employees based on department, location, etc.
  • Communication options for directly contacting employee through mail, chat, or call. Click here to know more. 
hero web part

Draw your intranet users’ attention to important content related to your organization through visually appealing and attractive design elements. Enable your users to navigate to web pages, apps, websites, portals, and other sites through customizable images and text. 

  • Give a personalized experience to your intranet users through various customizable features. 
  • Define target audience for your content to manage content accessibility and viewership. 
  • Connect your intranet users to important data through easy-to-use forms and various configurable features. Click here to know more.  
Dynamic Navigation

Provide a seamless navigation experience for your intranet users where they can easily find required information without much effort in searching. Personalize organizational intranet for every single user by displaying navigation links based on individual requirements and privileges.

  • Ensure the right orientation through the right links under navigation menu. 
  • Easy-to-use and simple interface to add, edit, and delete navigation items. 
  • Ensure content security and governance by assigning navigation items and lists to authorized users or groups. 
  • Customize navigation menu and manage content accessibility through various user-friendly features. Click here to know more. 
Quick Links

Showcase your most important links making prime use of real estate on the page. Navigate to the required departmental site, employee portals, important apps, company policy documents, or any other link with just a single click using this list driven webpart.​

  • Customizable page layout to view results in alphabetically sorted ascending or descending order.
  • Multiple built-in layouts like grid, thumbnails, list, and more.
  • Empower employees to add their own relevant quick links.  Click here to know more. 

Configure this list driven webpart to display past or upcoming events and meeting info. ​With a wide range of filtering options, you can easily view and attend the required event of your choice.​

  • Sort the events according to ascending, descending, or active date of occurrence.
  • Control number of events to be displayed on the intranet site.
  • Allow admin to manage properties like description, event date to be displayed on screen.
  • Create events to target differentaudiencesusingAzure AD, SharePoint security, and Office 365 groups.

Kudos is a peer-to-peer employee recognition software for organizations. The platform gives organizations a high degree of customization around branding and the use of rewards.

  • Recognizing your employees for their achievements.
  • The platform gives organizations a high degree of customization around branding and the use of rewards. Click here to know more. 
Super Jobs

This list driven web part allows employees to post and view company-wide job postings across multiple locations, in the organizational intranet page. Customize this page to allow users view jobs based on different factors like experience, geography, skillset, and many more.

  • Schedule job postings in advance.
  • Manage job postings with different status like closed, kept on hold, or open for interviews.
  • Provide filtering option to view jobs based on location, country, technology, etc.
  • Let users apply one or several jobs.
  • Display information like applicants, views, publish date, etc. Click here to know more. 
Employee Birthdays

Use this list driven webpart to display individual employee birthday information in intranet. Boost employee coordination through frequently posted birthday greetings and recognition updates.

  • Provide filtering option to view birthdays on specific dates.
  • Add social media plug-in to allow likes and comments on employee’s birthday info.
  • Configure web part to add birthdays for future days.
  • Let employees send birthday greetings through mail.
  • Control display of individual employee information like department, contact details, and designation.  Click here to know more. 

Help your employees find relevant answers to their questions in a quick and easy way. Use this list driven web part to add multiple set of FAQs, based on categories.Reduce support costs by posting relevant FAQs which can always keep the employees engaged and find required answers.

  • Categorize FAQs with different categories like departments, teams, locations, and more.
  • Promote social engagement through likes and comments on every question.
  • Let users search from the FAQs.
  • Configure web part to notify admin with user feedback.
  • Configure several display properties like number of FAQs displayed per page.  Click here to know more. 
Manage Broken Permissions

Use this webpart to display and manage permissions at site, list, sub-site, and library level. View details about document permissions given to different departments and individuals.

  • View and manage permissions for site collections, subsites, lists, and items in a user-friendly way.
  • Export broken permissions information to CSV or Excel format.
  • Search broken permissions across several sites, by users, SharePoint groups, Office 365, etc.
  • Let business users manage permissions a lot easier. Click here to know more. 
Site Provisioning

Empower users to provision sites and teams from company approved site templates.

  • Let business owners approve site templates and new site requests.
  • Export any site as template and import sites based on selected template with prior approvals.

Get Intelligent search feature for your queries in simple semantic language, assisted by type-ahead and predictive suggestions. Leverage this feature for a seamless connection with people, information, and content.​ 

  • Make your organization intranet the single source of truth for all enterprise operations. 
  • Use your intranet as a knowledge-based repository to get info about important articles, news posts, and more. 
  • Create an intriguing, meaningful, and personalized experience for your employees. 

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