ServiceNow Incident Management with PowerApps

ServiceNow Incident Management with PowerApps

Revolutionize your incident management workflow with our seamless integration of Microsoft PowerApps and ServiceNow. Empowering users to submit, monitor, and manage incidents directly from PowerApps, our solution eliminates the need to log into ServiceNow separately.

Gain unparalleled visibility with a user-friendly interface displaying incident history, and effortlessly filter and search incidents based on various criteria. Elevate your incident resolution efficiency with our sophisticated PowerApps to ServiceNow connection, optimizing your workflow for enhanced productivity and unparalleled user experience.

Create incidents in ServiceNow from PowerApps without logging into ServiceNow instance.  

The PowerApps connection to ServiceNow is developed with additional features outlined below

  • Users can submit incidents from PowerApps to ServiceNow. 
  • All submitted incidents can be monitored from PowerApps without logging into the ServiceNow instance, along with the incident history. 
  • PowerApps will display all incidents created by the current user. 
  • Users can filter incidents based on the state. 
  • Users can search for the incidents based on criteria like short description, incident number, etc. 
  • A requestor can select other users in the watchlist while creating an incident. 
  • The landing page will display all requests created by the current user, including dates and status.

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