Release and Change Request

Release and Change Request

AQL’s ‘Release and Change Request’ application helps make handling changes in projects easier. It’s designed to make tasks like creating, reviewing, and approving changes simpler. With its easy-to-use design and integration with SharePoint, it encourages teamwork and makes communication better among project members. This user-friendly application is specifically designed to cater to the needs of project teams, ensuring that handling changes becomes a seamless and organized endeavor. By promoting collaboration and enhancing communication channels among project members, it fosters a collaborative environment that contributes to improved project outcomes. 

The ‘Release and Change Request’ application is developed to facilitate requests for creating, generating, reviewing, and approving/rejecting changes, along with data storage in SharePoint. This application features a user-friendly UI designed to address the need for a centralized and automated platform for change management. It aims to enhance collaboration and communication among project stakeholders. 

The features of the Release and Change request application are as follows: 

  • Users need to fill out the Release and Change request form to create a request.
  • Notification will be sent at every phase including Initiation, Approval/ Rejection, etc.
  • The application can handle multi-level approval phases from the backend.
  • Requests are processed based on the urgency provided by the user.
  • All information regarding the involved parties is captured in the process.
  • A meeting invite will be automatically generated after the request is approved.
  • The platform provides a better and seamless experience for approvers to review & respond.
  • The UI interaction for users is designed to allow tracking of requests, dates, and status with ease.
  • Users can navigate to the Home Page from any page with a single click.

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