AQL is full-service IT consulting and software development firm headquartered in Chicago land with global delivery capabilities, providing custom software-consulting and development services. Our services include eCommerce-Website development, Web Enablement, Product Development, Legacy Migrations, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development using Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, DotNet, BI, and mobility on Android and IPhone platform. For well over a decade we, at AQL have built a legacy of innovation and partnerships by creating smart, cutting-edge solutions for an ever-changing global marketplace. The AQL approach is multi-tiered and multi-platform, weaving our extensive knowledge and proven track record of what “works” to build tomorrows’ technical solutions for today’s business. Our solutions are customized to be consistent with your brand message and your business goals.

Our clients are as diverse as their needs and include a wide portfolio of Fortune 500’s, major businesses in the entertainment, multimedia and gaming, sports, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, travel, finance and education industries. Currently, a privately held organization but AQL is expanding all over USA with base in Chicago land.


AQL acquires Microsoft Silver Certified Partner Status. AQL becomes a Microsoft recognized Gold Partner.

Launches Microsoft 365 migration.

As the years went by, it started to get a bit crowded with all the services we

Client base grows to 100 in USA and Europe

Launches new services such as business intelligence, 24×7 help desk.

Core Values

Take Ownership Be Accountable

We take personal responsibility for finding a sense of purpose and meaning in our work. We have the freedom to own our career path. We are not limited to our job description.

Personal & Professional Growth

We have an ongoing desire to grow ourselves and inspire others to grow around us. We can either grow or stagnate, there is no middle ground. We will take time to help others

Passionate about
our Work

We are the people who love what we do and do what we love. Tapping into the power of passion is essential to being able to accomplish what we want with ourselves and with our company.

Openness, Honesty
and Transparency

To be fair to oneself, the organization and our clients. Treating others the way we wish to be treated ourselves. Create a WIN-WIN situation.

Continuous Learning

We commit to continuous learning and improvement as individuals and as an organization. When we enhance our capabilities, we also enhance our organizations capabilities.


We acknowledge the need of change, accept it, learn from experience, recognize we are growing stronger and embracing wisdom for better. You take smart risks and are.

Have Fun
Work Smart

We should work hard and party harder. We foster a healthy work-life balance and build a positive and energizing work environment.

Do More
With Less

Resources are never in abundance, we all have to work and operate within given constraints. Biggest constraint is time. We need to focus on what will make the most impact using

How We Work

Candid, Objective and Collaborative – these are the principles that we stick by. Some companies are too afraid to say “we don’t know,” but at AQL we consider it a challenge to research and learn as a team, for the right solution for your business. You can always rely on us for hearing the truth, whether it is good news or bad news, if it is backed by facts, we never embellish it.

What We Do

We see the world through our clients’ eyes; from your point-of-view. Our focus is solely on the client and we are committed to building smart, scalable solutions that address your need and leverage their assets in the global marketplace. AQL creates customized solutions to give you the edge over rest of your competitors. From software development to systems migration and web marketing to e-learning tools, AQL offers a wide range of IT services, products and solutions tailored to your specifications.

Social Responsibilities

Being a progressive business also means doing the best for the environment and the communities that AQL becomes a part of. Our commitment to address important social needs extends throughout our business. Corporate social responsibility is not just a duty, its IAQL’s way of life. An essential component of our corporate social responsibility is to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economic, educational and environmental initiatives:

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