My Timesheet

Effortlessly track time and streamline approvals with AQL's My Timesheet application.

My Timesheet

My Timesheet is a powerful tool transforming time management within organizations. It seamlessly combines intuitive functionality with robust features, empowering users to track work hours and project progress effortlessly. With a centralized platform for tracking time and submission, it enhances efficiency and accountability across teams.

Users can initiate time tracking, add multiple projects, and include essential details, ensuring accuracy and transparency. The app streamlines approval, expediting decision-making and fostering collaboration. Beyond individual tracking, it optimizes project management by providing real-time insights that enable informed decisions and drive productivity improvements.

The features for the My Timesheet app are documented below:

  • The Dashboard acts as the Home/Main Page.
  • Users can initiate time tracking by clicking on the “+ New” button.
  • Users need to select a start date to enter time into the timecard for filling the timesheet.
  • Multiple projects can be added to the timecard as per the user’s requirement.
  • Users can add hours daily or once a week for all working days.
  • Users can include additional information by adding comments.
  • Clicking on the “Save” button saves the timesheet before final submission.
  • Users can submit the timesheet for approval by clicking on “Submit for Approval”.
  • Submitted timesheets will be directed to approvers for the approval/rejection process.
  • Users can view all the timesheets they have submitted under “My Timesheet”.
  • Users can select any date to view the timesheet for a specific week.

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