Super Jobs Web Part

Make your Intranet the platform for growth opportunities within the organization

Super Jobs Web Part

AQL’s Super Jobs web part provides organizations the opportunity to turn intranet sites to single destinations for job seekers and recruiters. Suitable for both modern and classic SharePoint users, the Super Jobs web part provides a user-friendly interface to view and browse jobs per specific criteria, add jobs, and apply for jobs for self, and even for others. 

Optimize our Super Jobs web part to make your intranet modern and smart where you can create internal jobs for promotion, allow applicants to upload their resumes, encourage employees to endorse their peers and colleagues, communicate with concerned recruiting team through MS Teams and Outlook, and more. 

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Super Jobs Web Part
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Features for HR and Recruiting Team

Leverage AQL’s easy-to-use and comprehensive SharePoint online Super Jobs web part to make recruitment a fast and easy process. 

  • User friendly data entry forms to view, add new, and modify existing job applications. 
  • Teams and Outlook integration for communicating job application info to concerned team. 
  • View and review applicant’s personal and professional information. 
  • Post jobs to Teams’ channel or user. 
  • Change status of job postings from open to close. 
  • Add country, location, department, or technology to be added to any job posting. 
Features for Job Applicants

Find the job vacancy you are looking for and apply for it simply by uploading your resume on the Super Jobs web part. 

  • Intelligent search option with type-ahead suggestions to search and find relevant jobs. 
  • Narrow down jobs in terms of specific department, country, location, and/or technology. 
  • Simple and user-friendly data entry form to submit job application for self and others as well. 
  • View detailed job description for each posted job on a single click. 
  • Categorize and view job vacancies which are mostly viewed, applied, or immediately required.
Features for Admins

Customize and configure the Super Jobs web part to make it easy for both recruiters and applicants to use. 

  • Configure the web part to load data by adding relevant lists and sites. 
  • Set number of jobs posted on a single page. 
  • Enable or disable social media plug-ins to manage likes, comments, and views on each job post. 
  • Set values to be displayed in the job filter. 

AQL’s award winning web parts are customizable, configurable, and compliant with security and privacy norms allowing organizations to define users with ownership, membership, or just viewer rights.