Supplier Management App

Supplier Management App

The Supplier Management application empowers businesses to effectively manage their supplier relationships. By providing a centralized platform for maintaining crucial supplier information, this application empowers organizations to streamline their operations and drive efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, businesses can effortlessly create, track, and manage supplier requests, ensuring clear communication and swift decision-making. From simplifying the approval process to offering robust search and filtering options, the app equips teams with the tools they need to navigate supplier management with ease.  

By eliminating manual processes and enhancing visibility into request status and history, organizations can make informed decisions and optimize their supplier management strategies. Whether it’s saving drafts for future submission or configuring roles and permissions for seamless administration, the Supplier Management application offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of modern businesses. Experience the difference and unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in supplier management. 

The features of the Supplier Management application are documented below: 

  • The application with user-friendly UI that allows users to create and modify requests.
  • Users can track their requests from the Home page.
  • Users can filter data using different options.
  • Requests can be sorted based on the ID.
  • The multiple approval process is managed from the backend.
  • Users can select approvers from a predefined list based on location.
  • Users can save requests as drafts and continue later for submission.
  • The application stores data in the Dataverse.
  • Users can view the history of each request from inception to end.
  • Pending tasks can be viewed from the home screen.
  • Users can easily search for any requests using multiple search options.
  • Tailored options are available for admins to view all requests and manage backend entities.

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