Engage your employees & improve work culture through motivations & encouragements.

Kudos Web Part

AQL’s SharePoint employee recognition web part provides employees with a platform to praise each other, nurture team-building skillsshow gratitude to each other, and much more, without using any scripts or codes.  Regularly acknowledging employees’ work and enhancing peer to peer recognition not only makes sure your team members will contribute to your business success, but also help increase ROI. Celebrate and reward exceptional employee performance and make sure they are happy and always engaged. 

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Kudos Web Part
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Different Kudos 

Reinforce a positive work culture and exemplify your enterprise core values through these following types of kudos on the employee recognition web part: 

  • Badges and Certificates: Celebrate your employee’s outstanding achievements with custom awards and badges. 
  • Anniversary Celebrations: Congratulate your peers for work anniversaries through mails and/or messages. 
  • Image Recognition: Upload images to congratulate, praise, or recognize your co-worker’s achievements. 
  • Customizable Rewards: Motivate your employees through customizable and usable reward points, local gift cards, team event passes, food coupons, and more.  
  • Social Media Integration: Provide real time feedback to your employees or team. 

Customized recognition tool 

Leverage our employee recognition web part to keep a tab on all the recognitions in form of messages, rewards, badges, or even uploaded images. 

  • Customize your webpart through multiple layouts such as Cards and Feeds. 
  • Configure your webpart by selecting site names and different lists to load data from. 
  • Upload your own badge or reward coupon to each kudos item. 
  • Get a personalized experience by viewing kudos sent to and received. 
  • Set target audience for added kudos to control viewership. 
  • Set expiry data for added kudos. 

Connectivity and Collaboration 

Make your intranet a hub for employee engagement and collaboration with AQL’s SharePoint employee recognition web part.  

  • Give a personalized touch to recognition or kudos by allowing users to comment on each kudos. 
  • Let your colleagues/employees know about kudos given to them through notifications with outlook integration. 
  • Actively participate in each kudos post through likes and comments.
  • Get only urgent updates sans spams by controlling email notifications on comments.

AQL’s award winning web parts are customizable, configurable, and compliant with security and privacy norms allowing organizations to define users with ownership, membership, or just viewer rights.

Recognition Packages with Affordable Pricings 

  • Make a life-time purchase of individual web part for just $1499 and get 1 year product upgrade and support services for free. 
  • Get a 15 percent discount in case you are from the non-profit industry. 
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