Archiving App

Archiving App

AQL’s Archiving app optimizes document management processes, presenting a comprehensive solution for organizing and tracking transmittal requests and box requests. The user-friendly interface presents a seamless experience with options like ‘Transmittal request’ and ‘Request A Box’ for efficient request management. Effortlessly create and track new transmittal requests, manage files, and save drafts for later submission. Streamline box requests, review submissions, and collaborate seamlessly with the Request Box approval form. Experience enhanced efficiency and organization as this archiving app simplifies processes from request creation to file return. Unlock the potential of efficient document management and transform how you manage and access your important files. 

The features of the archiving app are documented below: 

The landing page displays two options: ‘Transmittal request’ and ‘Request A Box.’

Transmittal request:

  1. The ‘Track Transmittal requests’ screen displays submitted requests in three categories: 
    • All requests 
    • Draft requests 
    • Requests needing corrections 
  2. The transmittal form allows users to create a new transmittal request and add files to a box. 
  3. Requests can be saved as drafts and submitted later. 
  4. Submitted requests can be reviewed on the request detail screen. 
  5. Requests can be updated if the approver needs more information.

Request a Box:

  1. Box Request Tracking Form displays the requests submitted as follows:
    • Select a box for requests.
    • All Box requests.
    • Pending Box requests.
  2. Request a box/file allows users to create a request.
  3. Requests can be reviewed in the Request Box approval form.
  4. Users can acknowledge the request as completed after receiving the files.
  5. Users can check in when the file is to be returned.

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