Dynamic Navigation

Simplify information architecture on your intranet with a personalized navigation feature 

Dynamic Navigation Web Part

Craft an intuitive information architecture for your intranet where it is easy for all kinds of users to find required content without spending much time in searching or subscribing for content. Provide a personalized intranet experience for your intranet users with AQL’s Dynamic Navigation web part containing elements showing widely used content or content based on the user’s privileges and requirements. 

Give a seamless navigation experience to your intranet users where it is easy to find and access relevant information required for daily tasks. AQL’s Dynamic Navigation web part makes it possible for organizations to enhance user experience, streamline the intranet design, improve site speed, and most importantly, make content easily and securely accessible.

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Dynamic Navigation Web Part
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Provide Content Orientation

Guide your intranet users to the right place of information through relevant items under each navigation menu. 

Ensure Content Security

Make sure your organization content is in safe hands by assigning navigation items and lists to authorized users or groups only.

Manage Content Accessibility

Add, view, and update navigation lists and manage users or groups who can access the lists with different controls. 

Define Content Hierarchy

Easy-to-use and simple user interface to allow intranet admins add, edit, and view various navigation menus, underneath items, and their related links. 

Customize Navigation Menu

Provide a visually appealing navigation menu to your intranet users by adding desired icons to each menu item. 

AQL’s award winning webparts are customizable, configurable, and compliant with security and privacy norms allowing organizations to define users with ownership, membership, or just viewer rights.