Make the most of intranet real estate with an easy-to-build FAQ section.

FAQ Web Part

Ensure an enhanced productivity and success by providing your employees with the right information at the right time without any hurdles with AQL’s SharePoint online FAQ web partProvide a basic knowledge base platform for your employees and staff to get intimated with every possible query related to various departments and division. In fact, our modern FAQ web part at your company intranet is an easy and feasible option to reduce support cost and make sure your employees have answers to every query they have. 

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FAQ's Web Part
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Customize Look and Feel 

Give a personalized touch to your SharePoint modern FAQ web part with customizable features which seamlessly match your company’s brand

  • User friendly and easy-to-use forms to enter related FAQ data. 
  • Make answers visually appealing with use of images, colors, symbols, and other elements. 
  • Customize look and feel of your answer through different font styles, types, and options. 
  • List multiple questions in each category through different types of numbering sequences like bullet points, roman numerals, alphabets, images, and numbers. 

Fast and Easy Search 

Give your employees instant access to the required information through easily searchable content on your SharePoint online FAQ web part. 

  • Intelligent search feature with type-ahead options to provide content suggestions. 
  • Add and specify different categories on your FAQ section. 
  • Narrow down search efforts with custom categorized question and answers. 
  • Let readers get in-depth answers to their queries through embedded links, images, and documents. 

Manage Viewership 

Make your content discoverable, viewable, and accessible to the right person at the right time with AQL’s SharePoint FAQ web part. 

  • Pagination format to segregate and view FAQs in separate pages with custom count. 
  • Set target audience for your questions and answers to control viewership. 
  • Control view through single click expand all and collapse all buttons. 
  • Ensure transparency by allowing intranet users to add and view author for each FAQ. 

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