Quick Links

Pitch your content accurately and perfectly to the right audience with quick links

Quick Links

Make the most of your SharePoint intranet real estate to add, manage, and share relevant and important links. Use AQL’ SPFx ready Quick Links web part with new and modern UI-styling capabilities for both modern and classic SharePoint users. Allow your users to navigate to required documents, portals, applications, websites, videos, images with customizable and visually appealing links different from standard hyperlinks 

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Quick Links Web Part
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Customizable Appearance

Use the readily available endless list of icons, images, and layouts to render a customizable and personalized look and feel to your SharePoint modern quick links web part. 

  • Choose the way you display the quick links using 10 different types of layouts. 
  • Visually enrich each link with unique and colorful icons, and images from various sources. 
  • Define order of display of links in alphabetical or default order. 
  • Configure the webpart to add different lists and sites to load data from. 
  • Define target audience for specific links to control content visibility for users or groups.
Personalized Experience

Ensure the right information reaches the right audience while ensuring a personalized experience for each user on the SharePoint quick links web part. 

  • Enable personal links to allow users get easy and fast access to required information in different pages, websites, apps, and portals. 
  • Let each user manage their own personal links with a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface for adding, modifying, and deleting links. 
  • Allow users to make each link visually attractive with icons and images. 
  • Ensure content security and privacy by displaying relevant links only to the concerned user.