Navigate success through planned phases and milestones with AQL’s Roadmap Webpart


Begin your journey to success with AQL’s Roadmap Webpart, an adaptable solution to visualize planned phases and milestones across various scenarios.

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, our cutting-edge webpart revolutionizes how you manage various endeavors within your Microsoft-based environment. Stay connected, organized, and empowered to achieve remarkable outcomes, whether you’re orchestrating projects, events, products, or any strategic endeavor.

  • Clarity Across Diverse Endeavors: Unleash the potential of vivid visualization, spanning projects and products, through our intuitive Roadmap Webpart. Gain clear insight into your journey across domains, with timelines, milestones, and no room for confusion. 
  • Effortless Progress Tracking: Say goodbye to missed deadlines and uncertainty. The Roadmap Webpart enables real-time progress tracking for diverse initiatives, from events to product launches, ensuring you’re consistently informed and on course.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Collaboration is pivotal for success in any domain. The roadmap webpart fosters seamless teamwork, uniting stakeholders for diverse ventures, fostering effortless communication and synergy.  
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Diverse Features for All Scenarios

  • Real-time Monitoring: Keep your finger on the pulse of progress across various timelines. 
  • Clear Visual Displays: Navigate complex timelines with visually appealing representations. 
  • Efficient Deliverable Management: Stay ahead with insights into upcoming tasks and milestones. 

Seamless Collaboration and Adaptation

  • Integration with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint: Effortlessly integrate with your existing ecosystem.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Foster communication and collaboration among team members, whether you’re executing projects or orchestrating events.
  • Customization Possibilities: Adapt the appearance and functionality of the webpart to suit specific needs.

User-Friendly Design for Optimal Results

  • Boosted Productivity: Elevate the efficiency of various endeavors across your organization.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Designed for easy adaptation, ensuring smooth usage in diverse contexts.
  • Strategize, Prioritize, Align: Empower your initiatives with efficient task management and strategic alignment.

AQL’s award winning webparts are customizable, configurable, and compliant with security and privacy norms allowing organizations to define users with ownership, membership, or just viewer rights.

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