Organizational Chart

Visualize your organization's internal structure easily with the Organizational Chart Webpart

Organizational Chart

Visualize your organization’s internal structure easily with the Organizational Chart Webpart. 

AQL’s SharePoint Organizational Chart displays the hierarchy or internal structure within your organization. Users can easily visualize and understand the company’s internal structure with this webpart. It provides a graphical representation of the roles and responsibilities of individuals within the organization. AQL’s SharePoint Organizational Chart enhances communication by providing vital information about employees in the organization. It gives employees clarity regarding job titles, roles, and responsibilities of their colleagues working in different departments. 

The Organizational Chart displays the hierarchy of all members in a department. It helps employees understand who delegates and supervises tasks within the team. Employees can also browse the internal structure to determine the rank of their teammates and understand whom to report to or seek guidance from. 

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Utilize the Organizational Chart webpart to enhance communication and improve employee performance. Give your intranet users a personalized experience with the customizable features of the Organizational Chart. 

  • Customize the appearance of the webpart with five different layout options available. 
  • Customize the line types and orientations in the hierarchy chart. 
  • Customize the theme color and background in the hierarchy chart. 

Easy Navigation

AQL’s SharePoint Organizational Chart provides intranet users with vital information about their colleagues and team members, such as designation, email address, and LinkedIn profiles. Intranet users can easily find a specific employee from any department and connect with them immediately through Teams or email. The organizational chart webpart eliminates communication barriers within the organization and improves work efficiency. 

  • Easily find the details of a particular employee through the search option available in the webpart. 
  • Easy to configure and manage hierarchy data. 

Multiple Source Options

Easily identify resource gaps within the organization with an organization chart. AQL’s SharePoint organization chart provides users with multiple source options to extract employee data. Users can extract data from SharePoint lists or user profiles. 

  • Extract employee data from SharePoint lists or user profiles. 
  • Control the default users and reporting levels that will be displayed in the hierarchy charts. 

AQL’s award winning webparts are customizable, configurable, and compliant with security and privacy norms allowing organizations to define users with ownership, membership, or just viewer rights.

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