People Directory

Efficiently locate the desired person with speed and ease

People Directory Web Part

Experience a fast and easy-to-view SharePoint staff directory with a single click on your intranet page with AQL’s SPFx employee directory web part. Leverage the modern, attractive, fast, and clean UI of our modern employee directory web part to visualize relevant information like contact details, job title, past projects, work location, skills, and more. 

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People Directory
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Fast and Easy Search 

Make it easy and fast for your intranet users to find information about colleagues, managers, and stakeholders in the organization with the following features on AQL’s modern SharePoint people directory app: 

  • Alphabetical index to search and find individuals through their names. 
  • Filtered search option to narrow down search results according to specific properties like name, department, skills, past projects, and more. 
  • Search refiners to find people from a particular department, designation, location, having specific skills, or more. 
  • Intelligent search feature with type-ahead suggestions on the search bar. 
  • Hide users from search results if they are no longer related to the organization. 
People Directory Web Part
AQL’s people directory app

Customizable Appearance 

Render a personalized experience to your intranet users through configurable and customizable display settings available with our SharePoint people directory web part. 

  • Multiple types of card options to switch your display between: Cards and Table View. 
  • Choose the number and type of properties to be shown for each search result. 
  • Set background color for each displayed property on the card layout. 
  • Choose whether to display search results with a dark background. 
  • Choose whether to show or hide external users from search results

Seamless Connectivity 

Let your intranet users find, connect, communicate, and collaborate with their fellow colleagues, managers, and others in the organization through the following integrations with SharePoint people directory web part: 

  • Team’s integration to allow users chat with or call concerned person. 
  • In-built social media plug-ins to add likes, comments, or even save found information. 
  • Integration with e-mail tools like chrome, outlook, edge, and more to enable communication through mails. 
  • Microsoft Delve integration to directly view searched user profile, contact details, and also any shared content. 
AQL’s employee directory web part

AQL’s award winning web parts are customizable, configurable, and compliant with security and privacy norms allowing organizations to define users with ownership, membership, or just viewer rights.

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