Employee Spotlight

Make your company intranet the key engagement pillar for a digital workplace

Employee Spotlight

Create a single, easy-to-reach employee spotlight SharePoint web part online platform to boost employee engagement experience and ensure an overall positive impact on the organization in the long run. AQL’s Employee Spotlight intranet web part helps you increase employee productivity, creativity, and efficiency in aligning their work and efforts with the company goals. 

Let your intranet users know about the spotlighted person’s achievements and accolades and get motivated in return.

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Employee Spotlight
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Highlight prominent employees, staff, or stakeholders in your organization using your own personal customizations with our modern employee web part for your SharePoint intranet. 

  • Create or manage spotlight items with easy-to-use form to enter relevant details like employee name, description, and contact details. 
  • Multiple types of layouts to choose from – Examples include Grid and Carousal. 
  • Control validity of the spotlight item by setting start and end date. 
  • Easy to configure with different types of sites and lists to load spotlight data from.

Use AQL’s modern employee web part to promote inclusive company culture and make sure your employees have access to every piece of information essential for an ever-lasting motivation to be successful in the workplace. 

  • Let your intranet users get acquainted with the overall and daily work done by the spotlighted employee. 
  • Motivate your intranet users by letting them view and read inspirational quotes from the highlighted employees. 
  • Write long descriptions to add details about the highlighted employee in terms of achievements and accolades. 

Ensure an environment of collaboration, connectivity, and communication at your workplace with seamless social media and Teams integration with AQL’s SharePoint employee spotlight template.  

  • In-built social media plug-ins to enable likes and comments on the spotlighted item. 
  • Integration with LinkedIn to let intranet users view the employee profile and connect instantly. 
  • MS Teams integration to chat, call, or message the highlighted employee. 

AQL’s award winning webparts are customizable, configurable, and compliant with security and privacy norms allowing organizations to define users with ownership, membership, or just viewer rights.

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