Power BI Case Study

Microsoft office 365 & SharePoint Streamlines and Digitizes Educational Institution


The Challenge

Outdated Intranet Constrained Document Management and Staff Collaboration

Our client, a well-known institution, was embracing greater digitization in order to keep up with their students’ expectations and provide them with richer learning opportunities & collaboration. They wanted to build up their digital asset base, improve their processes, and find a way to use data to achieve a competitive edge in pedagogy and student outcomes. For this, they needed to bring their disparate and disconnected systems, data and processes together. They also needed to improve collaboration among different departments and align them towards the institution’s digitization goals. In short, they needed a technological solution to help them achieve strategic priorities, improve their offerings, and optimize ongoing student-focused operations.

The Solution

Intranet Redesign with Cloud SharePoint and Data Migration

The institution’s existing Intranet was outdated and lacked the features to enable staff to easily find information, collaborate with colleagues, and manage their vast ecosystem of data, content, and documents. We decided that a cloud SharePoint solution would be best suited for these needs. We redesigned their current on-premise Intranet based on SharePoint’s modern user interface with attractive designs and user-friendly features – all available in the cloud. We leveraged SharePoint’s search engine to enable quick and effective document/content/data retrieval across the Intranet. We also migrated all the data from their old Intranet to the Cloud and implemented SharePoint’s advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP), governance, to protect sensitive information and prevent duplications or losses. 

The solution was integrated with third-party apps like Ellucian ERP & WorkdayGradeFirstIn addition, we provided other powerful Microsoft tools like Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI to improve their business process automation and analytics capabilities. Custom Microsoft Teams solutions were developed for better employee collaboration. Finally, we conducted comprehensive training on SharePoint Online, content and document management, and data governance for the client’s administrators, content creators, and users.

The Results

Cloud-based Intranet Enhances Document Management, Staff Collaboration and Business Processes

The redesigned SharePoint-based Intranet efficiently connected all departments, employees, students, processes, and data. Since staff could now easily search for information, communicate with colleagues, and share files and updates, their problem-solving and decision-making abilities got a big boost. Data is now completely secure in the cloud and can be assessed centrally.  

Thanks to numerous third-party integrations, the new solution also streamlined many business processes, which improved staff productivity and efficiency. The institution was now able to better utilize their data and systems to design better student-focused programs that enhanced their reputation as providers of quality education.

    Office 365 intranet to address collaboration, document management & automate business processes.
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