Office 365

AQL Modernizes Non-Profit organization’s workspace with Office 365 & Power Platform improving collaboration & business processes.


The Challenge: Outdated Workspace Tools, Laborious & Paper-Based Data Management Limiting the Organization’s Ability to Deliver Effective Service

Our client, a respected non-profit organization that has achieved amazing results in its area was faced with several challenges which constrained their ability to do their world-changing work effectively. For example, due to their dependence on outdated legacy technologies, they were unable to effectively manage data, documents, business processes and staffFurthermore, with manual processes and unwieldy amounts of data, visibility and transparency were very low so they struggled to understand how their programs were performing. Finally, their record-keeping and data management processes were unwieldy, disconnected and error-prone, which tied up the valuable time of skilled specialists and kept from focusing on their real mission: helping women and children improve their health and longevity. 

The Solution: Cloud-based SharePoint Solution to Simplify Document Management and Team Collaboration

We proposed a cloud-based Office 365 environment along with a SharePoint solution that would be available to staff across multiple departments.  

We also migrated the organization’s data from various locations to the cloud to help them communicate more effectively as a team, and share relevant information, best practices, and solutions with each other.  

The solution would also enable in-field specialists and volunteers to quickly access data and advanced analytics on the cloud from any location or device.  

Our solution included a custom search Office 365 feature for quick data retrieval, plus security & compliance, governance to protect sensitive information. 

In addition to solution design, customization and implementation, we also provided 

Power Automate was used to provide an automated approval whereby processes would progress unattended. Power Apps was used to digitalize several page base forms and Power BI was used to provide c-level dashboards & reports integrated with other LOB applications. We also trained the organization’s staff to help them extract maximum value out of the solution – for themselves and for the people who needed them most.

The Results: Improved Service Delivery for the Organization and Better Outcomes for their Clients

Once we migrated all the organization’s data and applications to SharePoint in the cloud, it improved their process efficiency and resource utilization, plus data security and governance. Since staff could now access this modern system from anywhere, they no longer had to waste time searching for information in different places. The solution not only increased trust and transparency throughout the organization but also provided modern workspace, improved strategic decision-making ability, and automated business processes. Furthermore, SharePoint & Teams seamlessly connected different people, as well as processes and data, which improved their collaboration and enabled them to focus on their real mission – improving the health of women and children that the organization is decided to.