Record Management System

AQL Technologies Transforms Record Management for Financial Institution

AQL Technologies Transforms Record Management for Financial Institution

The Company

A prominent financial institution faced a substantial challenge in efficiently managing its extensive array of records, both electronic and physical, encompassing financial transactions, customer information, and compliance documents.

The Challenge

The financial institution’s existing record management system was outdated, lacked proper categorization, and struggled to meet the stringent legal and regulatory requirements imposed on financial institutions. Efficiently managing extensive records encompassing critical financial transactions, sensitive customer information, and compliance documents, while securing sensitive financial data, posed a dual challenge. The challenge was to find a solution that could efficiently manage, categorize, retain, and dispose of records, ensuring compliance and information integrity.

The Solution

AQL Technologies proposed a comprehensive Record Management System tailored to the specific needs of the financial institution. 


  • Advanced Categorization and Labeling: AQL implemented a robust categorization and labeling system within the Record Management System. Different categories were defined based on the nature of the records, like financial transactions, customer data, and compliance documents. Each record was assigned relevant metadata and labels to enable easy retrieval and ensure proper handling throughout its lifecycle. 
  • Automated Retention Policies: The Record Management System incorporated automated retention policies aligned with legal and regulatory requirements. AQL configured the system to automatically identify records that needed to be retained for a specific duration and initiate disposal processes for those that had reached the end of their lifecycle. This ensured compliance with data retention regulations. 
  • Secure Access Control: A robust access control mechanism was implemented to optimize access for stakeholders. Different levels of access were granted based on roles within the organization, ensuring that sensitive financial data and compliance documents were accessible only to authorized personnel. 
  • Sensitive Data Protection Integration: AQL addressed the challenge of safeguarding sensitive financial data by leveraging out-of-the-box info types and creating custom types within the Record Management System. This holistic integration automated identification, enforced protection policies, and employed trainable classifiers for tailored data protection, ensuring efficient record management and robust security. 
The Results

AQL Technologies’ Record Management System significantly enhanced the financial institution’s operational efficiency by streamlining record organization, automating compliance processes, and implementing robust security measures. The system’s automated retention policies ensured seamless compliance with regulations, while a strong access control mechanism restricted sensitive data access to authorized personnel, reducing the risk of unauthorized breaches. The holistic sensitive data protection approach reinforced the institution’s defense against potential breaches, emphasizing its commitment to record integrity and confidentiality.