Office 365 intranet to address collaboration, document management & automate business processes.


The Challenge: Sub-optimal Document Management & Personnel Collaboration

Our client, a well-regarded US-based law firm recently faced many serious challenges that were affecting their profitability and competitiveness, as well as their staff’s morale, productivity, and efficiency.

First, they lacked an intranet and a centralized document management solution that resulted in the loss or corruption of many critical customer/case records. 

Next, data was being created by different people in different forms of technology and stored in disparate locations, seriously affecting its accessibility, control, and security.  

Third, with geographically dispersed team, they were struggling to seamlessly share information and collaborate effectivelyData was stored locally in different geographic locations.  

In addition, the organization wanted to reduce the licensing, infrastructure, and support costs associated with having a content management system. 

Furthermorea lack of insight-rich business intelligence seriously constrained their business processes and strategic decision-making ability. All these major concerns need to be addressed immediately through robust digital solutions.

The Solution: Customized SharePoint Solution for Enhanced Document Management and Team Collaboration

After thoroughly analyzing the firm’s business profile and goalswe decided that Microsoft SharePoint would be the ideal solution to address these challengesTo tackle the problem of sub-optimal document and records management, we first created a robust content management strategy

Walso audited the firm’s data and organized it into the correct document libraries to ensure that nothing gets duplicated or worse, lost. Then we implemented a customized SharePoint solution and started the content migration processThe solution would function as an inter-department ‘Intranet’ that would enable staff across multiple locations to share documents and collaborate effectively.

We implemented a custom search solution with Microsoft Search to help users easily locate and retrieve information on SharePoint. Further, wimplemented SharePoint’s advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information, and introduced Microsoft Azure Multi-factor Authentication for added security. After completing the implementation and migration, we conducted training for staff to bring them up to speed with the new solutions and get on speed with Microsoft cloud.

Several business process applications were re-developed using SPFx, Power Apps & Power Automate.  

In tandem with SharePoint, we also implemented other Microsoft solutions such as Teams, Office 365, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI to provide the firm a comprehensive and scalable digital ecosystem that would support their future growth.

The Result: Huge Improvement in Process Efficiency and Organizational Profitability

Thanks to SharePoint, the firm now has a Modern Workspace with centralized information and document management repository that enables teams to efficiently manage their caseloads, collaborate in mutually beneficial ways, and improve their customer service outcomes. From an organizational perspective, the firm has seen a massive improvement in business process efficiency and productivity, regulatory compliance, and ultimately profitability.

Microsoft Team improved collaboration between disparate teams reduced latency and increased productivity.  

RPA and business process automation ensured trivial tasks were automated 

By transitioning to Office 365, the company made significant cost savings by reducing licensing, infrastructure, and support costs. 

Rather than having to track down every instance of a document, verify the version, and make the same changes potentially multiple times, document owners edit their files in a central location and SharePoint takes care of version control. 

Improved collaboration and compliance and in conjunction with the Office 365 suite, created a virtual workplace for better collaboration. SharePoint enables employees to access business content from anywhere and from multiple starting points. 

The company had significant cost savings by transitioning to Office 365 and reduced costs in licensing, infrastructure, and support. 

With better administration and management along with society & compliance organizations cannot focus on their main goals.