Power BI

De-Clutter Your Data. Empower Business Decisions.

Transform Your Business With Power BI

Microsoft Power BI gives your business the leverage from what is rightfully yours – your data.Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) is Microsoft’s flagship tool that works its way on your data to draw meaningful insights. It is a cloud-based technology that analyzes your data through appealing visualizations and interactive reports, which can form a dashboard for your business, empowering you to make decisions and chalk out strategies.

Fortify your business with the superior analytical capabilities of Power BI

  • Intelligent cloud platform with R-Integration to easily import and transform data from any source.
  • Connect and use data from several platforms like SharePoint, Salesforce, CDS, CRM, etc.
  • Superior Data Visualizations and impressive reports
  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for advanced calculations and queries
  • Predictive Analytics for informed business strategies
  • Secure Access – Any Time, Any Device with Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Real-time data for relevant and agile business decisions

Core Services


Long-term success of Power BI with deployment strategies, migration plans, scalability, and security.

Seamless Implementation

Deployment, configuration, and migration of data on Power BI

User Training

Comprehensive training to make the tool user-friendly and effective


Custom, intelligent and easy-to-use data and analytics tools for informed business decisions

Intelligent Cloud Platform

Power BI allows integration from any data source, online or on-premise. It supports connectivity from leading platforms like SharePoint, Salesforce, CRM, CDS etc.

Analytics & Visualizations

Power BI democratizes data and uses AI to give insightful information through appealing visualizations for informed business decisions. Power BI dashboards make it easy to publish and share data.

Data Analytics Expressions (DAX)

DAX in Power BI enables users to perform advanced calculations and queries on data using functions, operators, and values. These include mathematical, statistical, logical, and other functions.

Secure Access

Power BI utilizes user authentication to verify user access. It also gives the option to create security groups with defined roles and privileges to access, modify, or distribute data.

Key Benefits of Power BI


Faster solutions quoting

8 months

Decrease in Time-to-market new products and services


Reduction in centralized analytics team effort


ROI Achieved

Why Partner With Us?

  • At AQL, we use cutting-edge front-end know-how to build advanced Power BI solutions for you. We collaborate with your teams to create customized models best suited for your business and ensure you achieve dexterity in operating the tool.
  • We make sure you get a strong start with the right Power BI team, deployment strategies, migration plans, scalability, and security to ensure the tool’s long-term success.
  • We take up the challenge to ensure that there are no impediments in quantum or quality of data. Here experience matters, which is why partnering with AQL makes a difference. We believe in doing it right the first time.
  • We have quick response to any problem arising with implementations, we will attend to it and set it right. Our developers configure and customize Power BI upgrades with the least disruption of services.