What is ServiceNow App Engine?

What is ServiceNow App Engine? 150 150 Rizwan Ansari

ServiceNow platform issues an updated version every six months. These new versions usually come with the latest updates and features. In the Quebec update, along with other new features, the ServiceNow App Engine has also been introduced. If you are considering it as just any other part of service tools, then you are in for a major surprise. ServiceNow App Engine is not just a tool, it engirdles the entire ecosystem of the ServiceNow platform.  

With technology advancing, several low code/no-code development platforms have come into existence. These platforms are helping people with or without programming knowledge create applications faster. Seems like ServiceNow has also entered the low code market also. The ServiceNow App Engine will help people in creating applications without much programming knowledge. Although it is important to note that this is not completely a new feature because even before App Engine people were able to create applications, however, the difference was that earlier it required the creator to have programming knowledge. With this latest update, they do not need a prominent level of technical skills to create an application. 

Why did ServiceNow add this new edition? 

In the world of technology, every new update has a deeper level of meaning. Although one of the most common and simplest reasons is they want to provide better quality services to their clients. The same goes for this addition too. ServiceNow wants to be at the center of an organization. Yes! As a business, their motive has always been to help businesses create workflows that will improve their operations and efficiency. ServiceNow is already providing services that will help businesses in managing and maintaining their IT processes, HR processes and Employee processes. With App Engine they are providing businesses with a chance to create applications easily. Simply put, from creating applications to digitalizing workflows, ServiceNow has become a one-stop destination for business. Now Platform’s App Engine will help businesses in building custom applications within the ServiceNow platform. The users can develop new mobile, web-based applications or can expand their existing applications to meet their expanding business needs.  

What makes this App Engine different from other low-code development platforms? 

Every application designed by ServiceNow was designed with businesses in view. Although there are many low-code development applications in the market. ServiceNow App Engine is unique from them because it provides developers with options to create pro-code applications too. Yes! Businesses can scale their applications or create complex solutions with App Engine. If you want to know more about ServiceNow App Engine, the latest updates in the Rome and San Diego version- click here. 

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