Everything You Need to Know About ServiceNow’s Latest Update San Diego

Everything You Need to Know About ServiceNow’s Latest Update San Diego 150 150 Rizwan Ansari

ServiceNow, like other organizations in the technology sphere, releases updates frequently. Every year they feature two new releases. In 2021 they have had two new releases-Quebec and Rome. The first release of ServiceNow scheduled in 2022 is San Deigo. The most recent releases always include new features and improvements that can aid in the improvement of business operations and efficiency. In this article, we will be learning about all the major developments in ServiceNow’s latest updates to San Diego. 

Although its general availability has been targeted for the last month of the first quarter of 2022. The early availability is planned for February 3, 2022. Existing customers can upgrade to the latest version before the market launch. ServiceNow offers release notes and highlights of all the new features and enhancements they have planned for the new release. 

Our ServiceNow experts have already acquainted themselves with the San Diego release notes and highlights. All the users will start their upgrade to the San Diego version, so it is important to learn more about all the latest changes this new release will bring to different modules. 

How does one get access to this new release of ServiceNow?  

As you already know, ServiceNow is offering these latest releases to improve the functionalities and add new features/functionalities that will enhance the performance and efficiency of the ServiceNow platform. Apart from offering two feature releases in a year, they also offer patch releases that offer fixes to all the problems that have come to pass till date. All the feature releases and patch releases are part of the ServiceNow subscription and licensing agreement. The latest releases are free, and usually it takes weeks to upgrade if you use the ServiceNow best practices and prescriptive guidance. Also, ServiceNow provides release notes on all their feature releases to make sure that users have adequate information on each release.   

The ServiceNow San Diego release highlights  

ServiceNow offers many new additions and interesting features and enhancements that will improve the efficiency of users. For detailed information on all the features and enhancements, read the summary and highlight notes for ServiceNow releases. 

However, we will provide brief information on all the new features added to ServiceNow.  

IT Service Management   

  1. Digital Portfolio Management  
  2. Walk Up Experience enhancements  
  3. Virtual Agent enhancements  
  4. Process Optimization enhancements  
  5. DevOps Change Velocity  

IT Asset Management  

  • IT Asset Offboarding
  • Software asset management
  1. Content library portal  
  2. Virtual agent for software requests  
  • Hardware asset management
  1. Hardware asset management workspace  
  2. Cloud Insights  
  3. Reservation plans  

IT Operations Management  

  1. Enhancements to the Unified Agent Client Collector 
  2. ITOM Governance  
  3. Workspace for Cloud Operations 


  1. New Service Graph Connectors  

App Engine  

  1. Decision Builder  
  2.  Flow Designer diagramming 
  3. Ad-hoc playbook activities  

Next Experience UI (Polaris)  

ServiceNow mobile  

  1. Mobile UI enhancements  
  2. Mobile App Builder and Mobile Card Builder enhancements 
  3. Mobile Usability Enhancements 

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