ServiceNow Case Study

AQL helped Pharmaceutical company by using Microsoft's Power Pages

Power Pages For Pharmaceutical

The Company

The client was one of the leading global pharmaceutical companies that develops and produces innovative drugs to treat various medical conditions. They were facing challenges with managing their drug development pipeline and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Challenge

The client faced issues in managing their drug development pipeline and needed a more efficient & streamlined way of managing it and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. They wanted to reduce the time it takes to bring new drugs to market, improve collaboration across different departments, and enhance reporting capabilities. They were looking for a Microsoft Gold Partner to help them in overcoming these challenges.

The Solution

Our team of Power Pages experts leveraged their capabilities to implement Power Pages, a low-code platform used for building customized web portals. We used Power Pages to develop a drug development portal that could be accessed by employees across different departments. 

The portal includes features such as project management tools, automated workflows, and real-time data analytics. Employees can use the portal to easily manage drug development projects, track progress, and collaborate with other departments. 

By implementing Power Pages, the client was able to streamline their drug development pipeline, reduce the time it takes to bring new drugs to market, and improve collaboration across different departments. The portal also enabled them to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties and other legal issues. 

The project management tools, and real-time data analytics provided by the portal improved the visibility into their drug development pipeline, allowing them to identify and address issues more quickly. The automated workflows also helped them in reducing manual effort & human error, improving efficiency and effectiveness. 

Overall, Power Pages helped the client to improve their drug development processes, resulting in faster time to market, improved collaboration, and enhanced regulatory compliance. 

The Results

AQL’s Microsoft Power Pages experts provided the client with a low-code platform for building a customized web portal that streamlined their drug development pipeline and ensured compliance with regulatory requirements.  

  • Improve collaboration by 80% 
  • Reduced manual effort & enhanced reporting capabilities. 
  • Reduced the time to market drug by 75%.  

“We needed an experienced ServiceNow partner to assist us with ServiceNow ITSM implementation. AQL has helped us to implement the ITSM module within a brief period while adhering to the strict pharmaceutical regulations.”  

Director, IT Department