Power Pages Case Study

AQL has helped the clients in improving their investment portfolio management process using Power Pages

AQL has helped the clients in improving their investment portfolio management process using Power Pages

The Company

The client is a financial institution that specializes in providing consumer finance products and services to individuals. The company has a large customer base and several branch locations across the United States. 

The Challenge

The client wanted to improve their investment portfolio management process by creating a Power Pages solution that can track client portfolios, provide real-time performance analytics, and automate rebalancing activities. They wanted to develop a solution that integrates with its existing systems and can be accessed by both clients and advisors.

The Solution

To address the problem, our Power Platform experts proposed developing a solution using Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, and Dynamics 365.  

The solution consists of features that will help the client in overcoming their challenges. 

Portfolio management: The Power Pages solution allows clients and advisors to view and manage portfolios, including asset allocation, investment holdings, and transaction history. The solution integrates with the firm’s portfolio management system, enabling real-time data synchronization. 

Performance analytics: The Power Pages solution provides real-time performance analytics using Microsoft Power BI, allowing clients and advisors to monitor portfolio performance against benchmarks, analyze returns, and identify trends. 

Rebalancing automation: The Power Pages solution automates the rebalancing process using Power Automate, enabling advisors to set rules and trigger rebalancing activities based on portfolio performance and investment strategies. 

Security and compliance: The Power Pages solution provides robust security and compliance features, including user authentication, role-based access control, and audit trails. 

To implement the solution, we used a combination of Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and Power Automate. The solution is hosted on Azure App Service, providing scalability, security, and availability. The solution will integrate with the firm’s existing systems using Dynamics 365 connectors.

The Results

AQL’s Power Pages solution has resulted in many benefits for the client, including: 

        • Improved employee performance by 80%. 
        • Enhanced customer satisfaction by 90%.