Using Dataview Webpart with SharePoint 2013

Using Dataview Webpart with SharePoint 2013 150 150 Sameer Mohammed

Using Dataview Webpart web partrePoint 2013
Let’s go ahead and use a DataView webpart and discuss some of the basic options that it provides.

Open SharePoint Designer 2013, connect to your site and create a new non-webpart page by clicking on New ASPX page in the folder in which you want to create the page.

Open the page in Advanced Mode by rt. clicking on it

Save the page, this is a good practice if not a lot of ribbon buttons are disabled. Keep doing this with any mods to the pages. Dataview webpart needs a webpart zone to render, drop a Webpart zone on it in between the form tags

After saving the page, go to the webpart zone tag and WebPartPages: WebPartZone and add DataViewWebpart

Vola! This has added the dataview webpart to the page, which is basically a lot of XSLT which we will go over very soon. Preview the page in the browser by clicking on the preview button.

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