Conference Lead Tracking Application

Conference Lead Tracking App

The Conference Lead Tracking Application from AQL Technologies offers a robust, intuitive platform designed to simplify the process of sending and tracking meeting invitations. Tailored for busy professionals, this application is essential for managing leads encountered at business conferences, ensuring efficient follow-ups and seamless coordination. The application allows you to capture information effortlessly and send meeting invites via Outlook or Teams to individuals you meet at conferences. Enhance your invites with multiple real-time images and detailed voice notes, providing comprehensive context for your meetings. With the business card scanning feature, user details can be automatically extracted and used to send meeting invites swiftly.

Key Features include

  • Capture information to send (Outlook/Teams) meeting invites.  
  • Capture multiple real-time images & include them in the meeting invite.  
  • Capture voice notes & include them in the meeting invite.  
  • Scan business cards to extract user details & send the meeting invite.  
  • Select the required time & time zone for the meeting invite.  
  • Preview the meeting content before sending the meeting invite.  
  • Select a predefined email template for the meeting content.  
  • Add or edit existing email templates for the meeting content.  
  • Add or remove required attachments from the email templates to send as meeting content.  
  • Add or remove default users to send meeting invitation details.  
  • Send meeting invitation details to the default selected users.  
  • Reschedule or cancel the meeting invites.  
  • Send a reminder notification 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.  

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