SharePoint Case Study

Financial Services: How AQL is empowering the financial industry

SharePoint Financial Services

AQL is a leading IT consulting and application development firm headquartered in Chicago land with global delivery capabilities. AQL has several Microsoft gold and silver competencies on Microsoft 365 platform and has been providing the highest level of IT expertise and customer satisfaction for the past 15 years. Our services include digital transformation, legacy modernization, cloud implementation & migration, web application development and managed application support managed services. AQL Technologies has implemented several projects with both public and private sector clients across the country.

The Company

The company is world’s leading financial information service provider offering data and analytics services to customers in terms of business credit reporting and other marketing services. The company is spread across the entire American continent serving approximately more than 18K customers.

Industry: Finance

The Products / Solutions:

Microsoft Technologies Used for This Project

  • Microsoft 365
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • SPFX
  • PowerApps
  • Power Platform
The Challenge

The company was looking forward to helping one of its customers in the insurance industry with an integrated repository for managing and tracking claims processing data. Even though there was an existing claims data management system, it had the following flaws: 

  • Lack of accountability and ownership for information from disparate sources. 
  • Poor information security and lack of compliance to information security guidelines.
  • Lack of integration with other applications resulting in unwanted silos.

Also, poor skillset and lack of technologies coerced the company to look out for a third-party vendor who would be adept in updating and creating new custom applications using latest technologies.  

With a fast-growing business, the need was to replace the traditional manual process with a more sophisticated and automated process which would provide a valuable opportunity to streamline the business and make it more agile.

The Solution

AQL Technologies, with its years of experience in custom application development and workflow automation was soon approached by the company to provide required support. An expert team of analysts, developers, designers, testers, and product managers was soon assembled to craft an innovative and robust solution for claims data management. 

Firstlymigration plan was strategized and executed to transfer data, metadata, and other content from existing SharePoint on-prem version to SharePoint online using Sharegate tool. 

Secondly, a custom application was developed using SPFx, SharePoint, and Power apps to include all the required functionalities of a claims processing system. 

Thirdlythe application was integrated with Power BI, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, and Microsoft AI to provide unique reporting and dashboard experiences to customer relationship managers, data analysts, and other important stakeholders. 

Finally, an automated solution was built around Power Automate RPA to leverage the claims data management application in streamlining the entire claims processing system. 

To summarize, a collaborative, highly secured, compliant claims data management application was built around SharePoint and SPFx, allowing the client’s insurance customer to improve its legacy old claims processing system.

The Results

The company was soon able to provide a user friendly, multi-functional experience to its client in the insurance industry. The solution not only allowed the company to enhance its position in the market, but also increase its customer base. 

“Thanks to AQL, we finally rose to the digital challenge by leveraging industry insights, modern day technologies and now, we are the most sought after financial advisory providers thriving on operational and functional excellence.” 

Project Manager, Financial Industry