ServiceNow Case Study

AQL helps manufacturing company improve internal IT service management with ServiceNow

ServiceNow Services

The Company

The customer is one of the country’s top fortune 500 manufacturing companies delivering highly robust, efficient, and innovative products to end customers since past decade. A recent merger with its counterpart in the market resulted in a larger scale of operations but at the cost of an inefficient and decentralized IT system. 

The Challenge

Proliferation of modern age technologies along with the need for digitization had prompted the company to update its existing IT service management system to a more sophisticated, automated, user friendly solution. Moreover, the legacy ITSM system was facing the following challenges as well:

  • Overwhelmed with security and authorization requests, resulting in provision errors. 
  • Poor auditing of access rights for different systems and applications, causing security loopholes and compliance risks. 
  • Growingly the substandard quality of service is due to the increasing volume of demand. 

Even though the company’s IT experts were quick to select ServiceNow as the best alternative ITSM solution, they were not adept enough to completely implement the SaaS platform with its self-service and automation capabilities. 

Also, the company wanted to completely leverage ServiceNow’s ITSM functionality for addressing internal and external requests in the most proactive manner compared to the conventional mailing system. 

The Solution

With its 15+ years of experience in digital transformation and IT service management solutions, AQL was commissioned by the customer to configure and customize ServiceNow application for an optimal use of its functionality. Soon, AQL’s team of ServiceNow certified experts kickstarted the project with the aim of creating an efficient ITSM system including performance analytics, service catalog, incident management, change management, and many more. 

To begin with, AQL’s consultants analyzed the entire ServiceNow landscape, ITSM system, service catalogs, and integrated applications. A detailed documented report was articulated to notify the client of existing loopholes in the system along with remediation plans. Moreover, about 50+ new service catalogs were configured with new catalog items some of which are mentioned below:  

  • Equipment Service CategoryIndependent catalog items were added to empower the employees with self-service capabilities to request new digital equipment (laptops, computers, keyboards, and other devices), call out for fault repairs, ensure quality checks, fill handover forms, and many more. 
  • Application Access Rights Category: This category was configured along with added catalog items to ensure smooth accessibility to required resources, equipment, applications, tools, etc., however with confirmed authentication. 
  • Financial Service CategoryCatalog items were added to this new category to facilitate smooth process of submitting invoice requests, raw materials purchasing requests, invoice cancellation requests, refund requests, and more to the financial department. 
  • HR Operations CategoryThis category was created with new catalog items to facilitate HR operations such as employee onboarding, employee inductions, leave management, appraisal management, termination procedures, and more. 

Furthermore, AQL’s expert team created a dedicated workflow for each catalog item which ensures each request is approved for its validity and fulfilled through a chronology of tasks based on certain factors. Also, each task was automatically assigned to eligible specialists and tracked to ensure their completion within a set period. Additionally, all these procedures were laid down in alignment and compliance with the company’s existing business processes. 

The Results

AQL’s unprecedent expertise and service ascertained Information Technology as the most capable and efficient solution to handle complex business issues and requirements. Self-service capabilities ensured a convenient and coherent approach to place and handle requests from each department and even externally, regardless of complexity and volumeIn fact, the ITIL supported service management solution along with the best practices was quite exceptional to improve service delivery and reduce incurring service management costs. 


“AQL’s support has literary driven our ITSM operations towards an agile and accelerated deployment of enhanced functionalities, ultimately improving speed, quality, compliance, and security. Our team is now equipped enough to handle complexities, resolve issues, and adopt changes in the most unprecedent manner.” 

Director, IT Department