ServiceNow Case Study

AQL helps healthcare organization improve IT productivity with ServiceNow ITSM

ServiceNow Healthcare Case Study

The Company

The company is a leading healthcare organization in the United States operating about 50+ hospitals and more than 20 clinics across the country. Recent business growth and the urge for digitization prompted the organization to scale its existing IT infrastructure and operations. 

The Challenge

The company’s existing legacy ITSM system was not only incapable of handling core IT service issues, but also failed to align with ITIL best practices, eventually causing a detrimental effect on the company’s ongoing business operations. Alsothe old ITSM system was not adept in supporting mobility, integration, transitions, and other digital requirementsEven though ServiceNow ITSM module was selected as a feasible replacement for existing ITSM system, implementing and optimizing it was a complex issue to handle. 

Furthermore, a smooth IT service operation required seamless integrations of ServiceNow platform with already existing tools and applications. Existing workflows were also required to be customized according to the company’s business requirements and industry guidelines, something which the internal IT team was not capable of. Also, the service request management process was executed manually making it quite time-consuming and cumbersome. 

The Solution

Above mentioned challenges and the urge to improve efficiencyprovide instant gratification, accelerate new service initiations while being compliant with industry regulations made the company look for a ServiceNow partner. With its proven expertise of more than 15 years in the IT service industry supplemented by ServiceNow certified experts, AQL was chosen for implementation and complex customization of the ServiceNow ITSM platform. 

AQL began its processes by collaborating with the company’s internal IT team in analyzing, understanding, and executing important business requirements. The legacy ITSM tools were then migrated to the new ServiceNow platform with more than 100 applications and processes being consolidated to ServiceNow as one service execution system.  

Customization and implementation of the ServiceNow platform was executed while designing, configuring, and deploying operational solutions with various ITSM elements. These included incident management, problem management, change management, service request management, governance, reporting, service level management, knowledge management, and many more with some described below: 

  • Change Management 

AQL’s team efficiently provided an easy and accurate risk assessment solution without compromising on critical data. Our ITSM change management solution made sure users no longer have to spend time and effort traversing between risk assessment and change resolution. 

  • Incident Management and Request Fulfillment 

AQL’s expert team automated the existing manual process of incident management and request fulfillment by creating a workflow to automatically categorize raised tickets as incidents/requests and assign those requests to relevant agents to be investigates, resolves/fulfilled in less time. Also, our team created incident tracking system to monitor responses for high priority incidents, alert higher authority for any kind of breached or violated resolution, and many more. 

  • Performance Analytics 

AQL’s analytics experts augmented our service reporting capabilities with ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics solution to help key stakeholders get real time visibility into key IT metrics, drive targets with actionable insightsfind anomalies or blind spots, and much more. 

  • Virtual Agents 

AQL leveraged the Virtual Agent Designer module to design and build AI powered chatbots facilitating intelligent service desk support to customers. Our ServiceNow virtual agents enabled support engineers and users to focus on high priority tasks by automating regular mundane tasks like checking IT ticket status, submitting requests, updating assigned tasks, etc. 

The Results

AQL’s extensive support and ServiceNow optimization empowered the company to improve service desk efficiency through a single unified service management platform and acceleratnew application development while streamlining IT operations for launching new business and customer-oriented services. ServiceNow implementation helped the company drive business outcomes along with the following benefits: 

  • More than 55% reduction in operational and software costs. 
  • Technical issues are now being resolved in minutes rather than days. 
  • 24x7 instant and proactive support to accelerate incident resolution and request fulfillment. 
  • Increase in employee engagement and productivity leading to improved customer experience. 
  • Automation of several IT elements like governance, risk and compliance management, etc. reduced incurring costs.

Apart from their on-time and cost-effective deliverables, AQL’s ServiceNow expert team have been influential in improving and accelerating our decisionmaking capabilities. We are now looking forward to implement other capabilities of ServiceNow into our business.

Director, IT Department