Robotic Process Automation

AQL augments & streamlines Employee Onboarding using RPA

RPA Case Study | Employee Onboarding

The Company

The client is a leading steel manufacturing companyserving major markets like construction, domestic appliances, government, automobiles, and more. With a huge amount of gross tonnage since 10+ years, the company required hiring new personnel on a regular basis to cope up with increasing production demand. However, the multitude of departments supplemented by widespread locations across different cities made the on-boarding process tedious and cumbersome. 

The Challenge

As mentioned above, the organization required hiring new employees for its vast infrastructure across the United States and this meant a lot of manual effort and time being spent on on-boarding each employee. Also, a lot of time was wasted in coordinating with the IT department for creating accounts for and giving access rights to different business applications like Active Directory, Salesforce, Office 365, ERP, etc, based on individual roles and policies. This made the process quite error-prone and disjointed, causing a huge loss in productivity. In fact, lack of proper communication caused delay in procurement of laptops/systems for new hire, leading to shipment delays, and eventually loss of work hours. Apart from workforce productivity loss, the company also had to cope up with high employee attrition rate due to afore-mentioned reasons. 

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The Solution

The company was quick to recognize the need of a third-party support to make its employees on-boarding process smooth and faster. Despite several available vendors in the market, AQL Technologies was selected as the unanimous choice. The experts at AQL soon strategized a client specific solution in the form of Robotic Process Automation to streamline the unsystematic on-boarding process.  Power Automate Desktop was used to create the RPA bots for automating the entire on-boarding process, starting from sending offer letters to providing training and orientation to each new hire. 

In simple words, AQL automated the otherwise saddled on-boarding system with just few simple steps using power automate RPA: 

  • Read employee information from scanned documents and transfer required information to HR database. 
  • Retrieve new employee information, prepare and send offer letter along with other necessary documents. 
  • Automated the task of assigning access badge for different software licenses to individuals based on roles and credibility. 
  • Created a workflow to collect employee information, copy and paste to relevant departmental database and related applications. 
  • Created and configured RPA bots to block calendars and schedule orientation session of new hire with different stakeholders. 

AQL was thus able to reinvent and repivot the existing manual on-boarding process to create a new experience which was error free, faster, ensured compliance with changing regulations, and finally enabled new hires to immediately commence with their work. 

The Results

Implementation of Robotic Process Automation in the HR on-boarding process reduced the entire process from hours to minutes, allowing the HR department to focus on other initiatives like talent management, workplace culture enhancement, training, performance optimization, and more which would add more value to business. A human centric workplace was created wherein bots automated and standardized repetitive tasks while humans worked on innovations, negotiations, and problem solving.  

The attrition rate decreased from 30 percent to just 0.1 percent with the new sophisticated on-boarding system, as the employees were now given access to proper training and orientation which would motivate them and boost their productivity. Also, delays due to lack of coordination between HR and other departments were eliminated, resulting in a positive employee experience from day one. 

Customer Testimonial

“My team was actually exhausted with overloaded paperwork and copy-paste activities which was valueless plus time-consuming, until AQL came to our rescue with their RPA services. Now, I am able to focus more on Corporate Social Responsibilities and other valuable initiatives.” 

Director, HR Department