ServiceNow Case Study

AQL helps healthcare organization improve IT productivity & asset management with ServiceNow

ServiceNow Healthcare Case Study

The Company

The client is one of the leading acute care hospitals in the U.S. They operate more than 60 hospitals across the country, they offer a wide range of services including medical, diagnostics, and surgical for both outpatients & inpatients. They have dedicated themselves to improving the quality of health care services across the nation. On the road to growth, they faced a few setbacks with their legacy IT desk support and software asset management

The Challenge

Their existing legacy IT Service desk support was not scaling up to their increasing needs. They wanted to update their existing legacy IT service management solution to a more user-friendly solution. They were manually tracking their software assets with spreadsheets.

These are the challenges they were facing: 

  • Issues with their existing legacy service desk support. 
  • Incident resolution was slow. 
  • Lack of visibility due to manual tracking of their software assets. 
  • Failure to align with the ITIL best practices. 
  • Lack of understanding about their software licensing and contracts. 
The Solution

To overcome the above-mentioned challenges, they needed a partner with experience & expertise in ServiceNow. AQL’s team of experts made the right choices for the client to overcome these challenges. We began the process by collaborating with the client’s IT team to first analyze the client’s business, their existing systems, and the challenges they were facing.  

Service desk support & Incident Management 

Their existing Legacy service desk tools were not scaling up for their growing needs. After migrating to ServiceNow, our expert team automated their incident management and request fulfillment by creating a workflow to categorize and assign the raised tickets to the right agent. We also created an incident tracking system to monitor and track high incidents and report to higher authorities in case of any breach.  

Knowledge Management 

AQL wanted to make their service desk support self-service. We combined their ITSM system with a knowledge database to create a knowledge portal which helped users in resolving simple, common IT issues without depending on the IT team. As their IT team was always busy dealing with multiple incidents, the self-service knowledge portal reduced their workload. 

Asset Management 

The client was managing and tracking their software assets manually with spreadsheets. Their software inventory was inaccurate, out-of-date, and incomplete. AQL upgraded their manual software asset management with ServiceNow ITAM to simplify the audit process, managing and tracking their software licenses & contracts. 

The Results

With AQL’s ServiceNow implementation, their Service desk complaints have significantly reduced as the users can resolve simple IT issues through the knowledge portal we created. Their software assets audit process is also simplified as they can track and manage their assets easily with ServiceNow ITAM.

  • Faster incident resolution 
  • 75% increase in service desk support team’s productivity 
  • 95% visibility into their software assets 
  • Saved 40% in license true-up costs 

AQL helped us in resolving one of the biggest obstacles in our business growth. Their ServiceNow expert team has implemented the ServiceNow solution that has improved our Service desk support and Software asset management.

Director, IT Department