Power BI Case Study

AQL Technologies' Power BI Solution for Retail Sales Analysis and Inventory Optimization

AQL Technologies’ Power BI Solution for Retail Sales Analysis and Inventory Optimization

The Company

The client is a regional bank with branches in several cities in the United States. The bank provides a range of financial services to its customers, including personal and business banking, investment services, and wealth management.

The Challenge

The client wanted to improve their fraud detection capabilities by implementing a real-time monitoring system that can analyze customer transactions for suspicious activity. They wanted to develop a Power Pages solution that can integrate with its core banking system and provide alerts to fraud investigators. 

The Solution

To address the problem, our team of Power Platform experts proposed developing a solution using Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, and Azure Stream Analytics.  

This solution consists of features that will help the client in overcoming their challenges. 

Real-time monitoring: The Power Pages solution analyzes customer transactions in real-time using Azure Stream Analytics. The solution identifies patterns of suspicious activity like unusual transactions, multiple transactions from different locations, or transactions that exceed predefined thresholds. 

Alert notifications: The Power Pages solution provides alerts to fraud investigators via email, SMS, or a dedicated mobile app. Investigators can view details of suspicious activities, investigate the transaction further, and take appropriate action. 

Investigation workflow: The Power Pages solution will provide a workflow for fraud investigators to manage and track their investigations. Investigators can assign cases to other investigators, track the status of cases, and generate reports on fraud activity. 

Analytics dashboard: The Power Pages solution provides a centralized analytics dashboard using Microsoft Power BI, allowing the bank to monitor key performance indicators, identify trends in fraud activity, and make data-driven decisions. 

To implement the solution, we used a combination of Azure services, including Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Functions. We used Power Apps and Power Automate to build the user interface and workflow automation. The solution is hosted on Azure App Service, providing scalability, security, and availability. The solution integrates with the bank’s core banking system using connectors. 

The Results

These Power Pages solutions demonstrate the potential of Microsoft’s Power Platform in the banking industry to improve customer service, streamline workflows, and enhance fraud detection capabilities.