Record Management System

AQL Technologies' Impact on Pharma Company's Record Management System

AQL Technologies’ Impact on Pharma Company’s Record Management System

The Company

A leading global pharmaceutical company faced a significant challenge in managing and maintaining its record management system. With a vast portfolio of drugs and a complex regulatory environment, the company struggled to streamline its labeling processes, create accurate retention labels, and adapt to evolving compliance standards.

The Challenge

The leading pharmaceutical company operated in a highly regulated industry, where precision and compliance are paramount. The M365 Record Management System was underutilized due to a lack of comprehensive guidance, resulting in challenges related to maintaining labeling accuracy, establishing retention labels for diverse documents within libraries, and promptly adapting to evolving regulatory scopes. These challenges not only posed risks to compliance but also hindered operational efficiency and the timely delivery of products.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, AQL Technologies proposed a tailored approach to address the specific challenges faced by the leading pharmaceutical company. 

  • Labeling Precision: AQL Technologies implemented a sophisticated labeling system that ensured accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards. The system utilized M365 Record Management System to automate the labeling process, reducing the likelihood of human error and enhancing overall efficiency. 
  • Retention Label Creation: To tackle the diverse nature of documents within the pharmaceutical industry, AQL Technologies introduced a dynamic retention label creation feature. This allowed the leading pharmaceutical company to select retention labels based on the specific requirements of each document type, ensuring adherence to regulatory retention periods. 
  • Adaptive Scope: AQL Technologies seamlessly integrated an adaptive scope feature, allowing the leading pharmaceutical company to effortlessly detect users, sites, or groups within policy by utilizing distinct attributes or properties associated with each type of scope. 
The Results

The implementation of AQL Technologies’ solutions brought about significant positive outcomes for the leading pharmaceutical company: 

  • Enhanced Accuracy and Compliance: The precision of the labeling system resulted in a substantial reduction in errors, contributing to heightened compliance levels. The leading pharmaceutical company experienced fewer compliance-related issues and a streamlined audit process. 
  • Efficient Document Management: The auto labeling feature improved document organization and management. This not only facilitated quicker access to critical information but also ensured adherence to regulatory retention requirements. 
  • Agile Response to Regulatory Changes: The adaptive scope feature allowed the leading pharmaceutical company to proactively address and incorporate changes in regulatory standards. This increased ability ensured that the company remained compliant even in the face of rapidly evolving industry regulations.