ServiceNow Case Study

AQL Technologies Helped a Healthcare Institution Overcome IT Asset Management Challenges

AQL Technologies Helped a Healthcare Institution Overcome IT Asset Management Challenges

The Company

AQL Technologies, a leading ServiceNow premier partner, was approached by a large healthcare institution that provides comprehensive medical services to a diverse patient population. With multiple locations and a wide range of departments, the healthcare organization faced significant challenges in managing their IT assets effectively. They sought AQL Technologies’ expertise to implement an IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution that could address their specific needs.

The Challenge
  1. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements: The healthcare institution had to comply with stringent data security and privacy regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). They needed to ensure the accurate inventorying of IT assets while safeguarding sensitive patient information. Meeting these compliance requirements was a complex and time-consuming task, given the organization’s large-scale operations.
  2. Asset Tracking in Dynamic Environments: The healthcare institution had a vast number of mobile assets, like medical devices and laptops, which were constantly moving between departments and locations. Tracking these assets, their configurations, and maintenance schedules was challenging due to the dynamic nature of the environment. The organization needed a solution that could provide real-time visibility into asset locations, usage, and maintenance history.
  3. Software License Management: Managing software licenses across multiple departments posed a significant challenge for the healthcare institution. They utilized various software applications that required licenses, making it essential to track usage, ensure compliance, and manage software upgrades efficiently. Manual license management processes were prone to errors, leading to non-compliance and increased costs.
The Solution

To overcome the above-mentioned challenges, they needed a partner with experience & expertise in ServiceNow. AQL’s is a ServiceNow Premier Partner, and our team of certified ServiceNow experts made the right choices for the client to overcome these challenges. We began the process by preparing a user requirements specification document to initiate the design and delivery phase. This phase has led to the discovery of tests, requirements, and documents 

Implementation process

AQL Technologies, as a ServiceNow premier partner, leveraged the capabilities of the ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM) module to design and implement a comprehensive solution for the healthcare institution. The solution addressed the challenges faced by the client through the following key components: 

1. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements: We customized the ITAM module to align with HIPAA regulations and implemented robust security measures to protect sensitive patient data. They worked closely with the healthcare institution’s IT and compliance teams to ensure that all required controls and workflows were in place. This included data encryption, access controls, audit trails, and incident management capabilities to swiftly address any security breaches. 

2. Asset Tracking in Dynamic Environments: To overcome the challenges of tracking mobile assets, we integrated barcode scanning and RFID technology into the ITAM solution. Each asset was assigned a unique identifier, allowing for easy tracking and monitoring as assets moved between departments and locations. The solution provided real-time visibility into asset locations, configurations, and maintenance schedules, facilitating efficient asset management and reducing the risk of asset loss or theft. 

3. Software License Management: We implemented a centralized software license management system within the ServiceNow ITAM module. They integrated with the organization’s software procurement and deployment processes to automate license tracking and compliance. The solution provided real-time visibility into license usage, ensuring that software applications were properly licensed across all departments. Automated alerts and notifications were set up for license renewals, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

The Results

The implementation of the ITAM solution by AQL Technologies yielded significant results for the healthcare institution: 

  1. Improved Compliance: The healthcare organization achieved full compliance with HIPAA regulations, ensuring the secure handling of patient data. The customized ITAM module and security measures implemented by AQL Technologies helped mitigate the risk of data breaches and potential regulatory penalties.
  2. Enhanced Asset Visibility and Control: The real-time asset tracking capabilities provided by the ITAM solution enabled the healthcare institution to gain complete visibility and control over their IT assets. They could easily locate assets, track their configurations, and schedule maintenance activities, resulting in improved asset utilization and reduced asset loss.
  3. Streamlined Software License Management: The centralized license management system eliminated manual tracking processes and reduced the risk of non-compliance. The healthcare institution could efficiently track software licenses, manage upgrades, and optimize license utilization, resulting in cost savings and improved software asset management.
  4. Increased Operational Efficiency: The automation and streamlining of asset management processes reduced manual effort and improved overall operational efficiency. IT staff could focus on more strategic tasks rather than spending excessive time on tracking assets or managing software licenses, leading to improved productivity and resource allocation.