Power Pages Case Study

AQL leveraged the capabilities of Power Pages to improve communication with patients

AQL leveraged the capabilities of Power Pages to improve communication with patients

The Company

The client is a 500-bed healthcare facility located in a densely populated urban area. The hospital has been in operation for over 50 years and is known for its high-quality medical care and patient-centric approach. 

The Challenge

The client was keen on making a few changes within their organization to improve their patient engagement and communication strategy They were looking for a Microsoft Gold Partner to help them in developing a power pages solution that can provide patients with relevant and personalized healthcare information, enable online appointment scheduling, and allow patients to communicate with their healthcare providers securely.

The Solution

To address the problem, our team of Power Platform experts proposed developing a power pages solution for the healthcare industry that will serve as a central platform for patient engagement and communication. The solution was developed using a user-centric design approach, keeping in mind the specific needs of patients and healthcare providers. 

The power pages solution consisted following features: 

  • Personalized patient information: Patients can access personalized health information, like lab results, prescription details, and appointment schedules, through their account on the power pages portal. The information will be presented in an easy-to-understand format, with options for patients to request further clarification if needed. 
  • Online appointment scheduling: Patients can schedule appointments with their healthcare providers online through the power pages portal. The portal will provide real-time availability of providers, enabling patients to schedule appointments at a time that works best for them. 
  • Secure messaging: Patients can also communicate securely with their healthcare providers through the power pages portal. The messaging system complies with HIPAA regulations, ensuring the privacy and security of patient data. 
  • Health education resources: Patients can get access to a library of health education resources, like articles, videos, and infographics. These resources will cover a wide range of health topics and can be tailored to the patient’s specific needs and medical history. 
  • Mobile support: The power pages solution will be optimized for mobile devices, allowing patients to access the portal anywhere at any time. 

To implement the solution, our experts used a mix of open-source and proprietary software tools. We used cloud hosting to ensure scalability and availability. The solution was built using a microservices architecture, allowing us to deploy and scale individual services independently. We also used machine learning algorithms to analyze patient data and provide personalized health recommendations. 

The Results

AQL’s Microsoft Power Pages experts helped the client in overcoming their challenges and improving patient engagement and communication. 

AQL’s Power Pages solution has resulted in many benefits for the client, including: 

    • Reduced the costs by 85%. 
    • Improved patient satisfaction by 90%. 
    • Improved the accessibility to healthcare information for patients.