15 cool features of Microsoft Teams by Sameer Mohammed

15 cool features of Microsoft Teams by Sameer Mohammed 150 150 Admin

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for collaboration of employees at work. Teams provide a complete platform which comprises of document storage, chat, and online meeting environment. 

The video consists of 15 cool features of Microsoft Teams which makes work and communication easy.  

AQL Technologies will assist you in planning and implementation of Microsoft Teams roll out in your organization. Our team of experts will walk you through the process of onboarding to adoption across the complete organization.

List of Tips in the video are:

  1. Blur Technology 
  2. Name Your Chat Group 
  3. Pin Your Chat & Apps 
  4. Edit Last Message using Up Arrow 
  5. Use Commands in Teams 
  6. Add Applications as Tabs to Teams 
  7. Save Chat Messages  
  8. Email a Teams Channel 
  9. Join Team Using Code 
  10. Whiteboard 
  11. Integration with Outlook 
  12. Messaging Extension 
  13. Code Snippets in Team Message 
  14. Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams  
  15. Transcribe Recorded Meetings

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