Leverage the power of AI to develop and deal with technological solutions that are shaping tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence

AQL applies deep data science and AI consulting capabilities to our clients that create impactful business value. 

We offerspecialized optimization of big data, creative application ofindustry best practices, cutting-edge AI-centric applications, and machine-learning solutions that give you an edge above the others. 

Our Ideate, Innovate, Transform offers the perfect roadmap for you to get started with your AI journey and provides clear goals to achieve success. 

The Ideate, Innovate, Transform Model identifies the areas in your business that could significantly improve cost reductions, efficacy, or new business ventures if you made better use of available information. We start identifying gaps in your enterprise, which could be technically filled with AI solutions to help you realize rich returns. Our AI solutions can help streamline processes, automate tasks, reduce cost, reduce waste, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Our strengths lie in delivering Microsoft technologies and services at any stage of your transformation journey. We provide solutions for Strategy and Management, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Information Management Solutions.

Key Offerings

Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Visualization & Reporting
Data-driven Design
Big Data

Machine Learning

We take a deep dive to identify the right use cases for ML. We apply cutting-edge best practices to frame problems in a way that addresses the needs of all key stakeholders and sets the stage for delivering successful ML-based solutions for your business.

Natural Language Processing

As the volume of data grows, it can be difficult to prioritize the right information for employees or customers. Natural language generation (NLG) applications can help find, organize, and summarize the most appropriate insight for a given user. 

AQL adopts various flavors of this AI technology, depending on the business use case. 

Visualization & Reporting

We present your data in a way that can be easily consumed. Our objective is to unveil the story in your data quickly and creatively to the right people at the right time. We equip users to explore the data in different ways and extract maximum information using drill down mechanisms and reporting tools.

Data-driven Design

We bring together a multi-disciplinary team of analysts, technologists, and domain experts to unveil your data’s hidden value. Our innovation-led approach identifies areas within your organization that can be enhanced using your data effectively. We provide a solution blueprint that uses your existing infrastructure, workforce, and processes to deliver and reap maximum benefits for you from your data.

Big Data

At AQL, we have the expertise in Big Data tools and processes to store and scale this disparate data that enterprises collect each day. We simplify your data management by helping you choose and implement the right Big Data acquisition, management, and analytics technologies. 

Our Big Data architecture caters to your complete data management requirements. 

Our value-added services at every step of your Big Data journey help you choose the optimal Big Data Stack, Design Data Lake Architecture, and perform Data Ingestion, Storage, and Analytics.

Key Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

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