Richard Benson
Richard Benson 60 60 admin

My first engagement with AQL involved the creation of an entirely electronic SharePoint based system for collaboration with complex business logic. AQL was brought in to stabilize an already existing product. Over several years of working with AQL I have seen that they have a solid experience on SharePoint platform from development, migrations, administration to…

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Alain Courtaud
Alain Courtaud 176 153 admin

AQL has been a very great company to work with. They have several solid resources on the SharePoint & DotNet platform and have overall strength in this platform. I have been using AQL for few years on both full time and part time basis. Within a very short time frame AQL was able to develop…

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Robert Crum
Robert Crum 126 140 admin

I have very good experience working with AQL. The developer I worked with, was an outstanding software architect. He leverages his years of software development expertise into SharePoint design and architecture. AQL’s in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft SharePoint platform as well as underlying programming languages resulted in the right combination of custom & OOB SharePoint…

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Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson 80 80 admin

I worked with AQL on numerous different kinds of projects. AQL offered high quality of services.I can say that we were always satisfied by their work. One of the projects that we worked on, AQL provided installation and configuration support for SharePoint artifacts, roles and permission components of Ellucian Portal. They provided consultation and implementation…

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