Make your data speak with Intelligent insights using Tableau.


Data is everywhere today. Technological advances further have made it possible to track and store this data and use it as a powerful asset to building a strong competitive advantage. The best way to convert raw data into valuable insights is through analytics and data visualizations. For this, we need modern tools to help us capture the potential of the data, and one such promising tool is Tableau. 

Tableaus pace of innovation has helped it emerge as a clear leader, and AQLs understanding of this tool makes it the perfect partner.  

Our hands-on-expertise of the Tableau eco-system gives you complete control in making the most of your data. 

You can select the services from our list or customize them as per your project need.

Tableau Core Services

Consulting Services

Expertise in data-base design, business intelligence, & ETL.

Dashboard & Data Visualization

It relies on data visualization best practices.

Best Practices

Design and Development process for dashboard design, construction, and release

User Training

Offer customers expert consulting for ad hoc problem solving

Tableau Consulting Services

We are a premier Tableau consulting partner and have been providing expertise in data-base design, business intelligence, ETL, and analytics for over 12 years. We offer a full range of Tableau consulting services from analysis of your current Tableau set-up including Server, to creation of vivid dashboards, to full training for all your staff

Tableau Dashboard Creation

We can help you produce powerful Tableau dashboards that are optimized for IPA (Insight, Performance, Aesthetics). Each dashboard we create goes through a rigorous process to ensure it delivers valuable and timely insight, is optimized for performance, and is enhanced for aesthetics by incorporating design and visual cognition best practices.

Data Visualization Best Practices

Creating dashboards requires much more than knowing Tableau features. It relies on data visualization best practices and central to that is knowing who will be consuming the dashboards, how theyll be interacting with them, and what questions they expect the dashboards to answer.

Dashboard Development Process

We employ advanced AQL Dashboard Design and Development process for dashboard design, construction, and release. Our process maximizes relevant insight for each and every dashboard.

Retainer Service

We offer a retainer service for providing ongoing services and technical assistance. We also offer customers expert consulting for ad hoc problem solving and near-immediate help with data management, visualization, configuration issues, and related technical challenges with Tableau Server, data warehousing, and ETL functions.

Key Benefits of Tableau Services

We have worked with the most reputed names in the business world in various industries.

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Our solutions guarantee greater compliance, reduced operational costs, improved productivity, and higher quality.