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Solve Industry Challenges with IoT

Experience the power of AQLs advanced IoT solutions to solve some of your most pressing industry challenges. AQLs visionary approach towards collaborative IoT helps you transition from IoT experiments to actual business outcomes. We offer the technical building blocks of IoT, including the related technologies and protocols for realizing your IoT vision. Our solution offerings are all-encompassing and provide the essential elements required for smart business, including the data storage, transmission workflows, mobile application development, integration handlers, remote monitoring services with real-time dashboards. With us, you can build advanced IoT solutions, automate your homes, offices, factories, schools, and make business processes more efficient, while improving your overall quality of life.  

IOT Core Services

Consulting & Implementation

Right IoT strategies & expertise for digital transformation

Application Development

Full-cycle IoT applications with cross-platform support

System Integration

Integrate multiple assets across functionalities


Actionable insights that leverage your data

Support & Maintenance

Ensure the implementation success of all IoT solutions

Consulting & Implementation

Our experts share their knowledge for the right IoT strategies to lead your organization to digital transformation. Whether you are starting your IoT journey or evolving existing IoT processes, we hand-hold you to make the most of technological opportunities. We provide end-to-end implementation solutions from planning, development, and architecture to implementation and adoption.

Application Development

We develop IoT applications with multiple protocols and cross-platform support. In addition to native apps, our application management ensures easy data import/export. Our customer-driven designs are built through iterative refinement to be optimal for your specific requirements.

System Integration

We integrate multiple assets across functionalities and at various stages of the product life cycle. Our integration services include CRM integration, ERP integration, and other web content integration. We also offer end-to-end solutions for SMS and email gateway integration, and map and billing engine integrations. Our external integration solutions are scalable, customizable, and reliable.


We can help you draw actionable insights that leverage your IoT data. Our solutions are thoughtfully designed starting from needs analysis and launch, to support and evolution. Our experts create optimal UI/UX designs for dashboards to give you the best user experience. Our teams will implement ETL processes for existing data and build processes with you for BI, reporting, data visualization, data warehousing, and ML components to give you error-free outputs.

Support & Maintenance

Our support and maintenance services ensure the implementation success of all your IoT solutions. We offer application management, cloud hosting, and remote infrastructure management services to maintain your IoT processes. Our teams are available for IoT support and issue resolution.

Key Benefits of Internet of Things

We have worked with the most reputed names in the business world in various industries.

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Why Partner With Us?

We have more than 10 years’ experience in IoT services. We specialize in the development of multiuse IoT solutions. Our in-house full-stack of developers have successfully delivered 500 Implementations around IoT, Analytics, Azure & Mobile apps.

We have extensive experience with all components of IoT ecosystem, such as device/sensor connectivity; streaming, storage, and analysis of sensor data, and user applications.

We offer need-based developer resources and milestone-based payment options for the highest flexibility. 

Our implementations are delivered with faster development times and minimum rework.

Our capability to deliver any kind and any level of IoT solutions inspires creative thinking and breeds innovation that positively impacts every business.

Agile and nimble company strong in Bigdata and analytics both for on-premise and on-cloud