Legacy Modernization

Many organizations still have applications based on older technologies and hardware, such as mainframes, that run mission critical services. Legacy applications are frequently large, monolithic and difficult to modify. Legacy transformation is about retaining and extending the value of the legacy investment through migration to new platforms and technologies.

Any mainframe migration or legacy transformation is effectively a starting point for further optimization and innovation.

Few migrations are purely done for cost and risk reasons where the resulting system was put in maintenance mode. Most migrated systems include intellectual property either in the form of (customized) business logic or in the form of customer data. AQL has a range of services that help you to further innovate the migrated environment and leverage the intellectual property beyond its current form.

New technologies will be available like for example:

  • Mobility
  • Cloud
  • Self Services
  • Integrations to standard applications such as i.e. SharePoint

We help you to take the next step to true innovation by offering:

  • Environment site survey
  • Optimization Services
  • Web-Enabling Services
  • Database Normalization Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Post-Migration Consulting
  • 8×5 or 24×7 Support