Cloud Implementation & Migration

Upgrading your systems to SharePoint Online provides your company with the latest collaboration file sharing and Web publishing tools from Microsoft, now from the Cloud!

It is now possible to experience the benefits of collaboration software without having to be concerned about setting up and maintaining infrastructure just for that. This is thanks to SharePoint Online in the Cloud. More and more technologies are adapting a Cloud approach and with the help of AQL Technologies, a SharePoint Online instance can be set up and customized with more ease than ever.

It is important to understand that SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server vary slightly and offer different features. They accomplish the same role, but there are situations where it may be more preferable to select one over the other, especially considering that SharePoint Online trims away some features that may be beneficial for particular businesses and uses. It is important to make the right decision as to which version may be the most beneficial so as to not deny yourself a service that may be useful if not vital.

It is important to understand the incentives to using SharePoint Online as opposed to its other options. The core thought behind SharePoint Online is to make it light, easy, and accessible with the least hassle possible, while keeping the necessary upkeep and maintenance to an all time low.