Robotic Process Automation Consulting Service

Robotic Process Automation or RPA democratize use of bots to automate mundane and repetitive tasks in an organization. AQL’s robotic process automation consulting services help you identify automation areas in your business and unleash the potential of robotic process automation to its fullest.

With our expertise in RPA tools like BluePrism, UI Path, Power Automate Desktop, we can help you build an automated solution to standardize repetitive tasks and transform business processes while minimizing costs and errors. We are an expert in integrating artificial intelligence, RPA, and predictive analytics to help build an end-to-end automation solution.

RPA Consulting

We provide documented strategy to rollout automation with the right implementation, deployment, and training support.

RPA Development

Through our hands-on experience we can help you develop bots which can easily interact with websites, pull data from local files, generate reports, etc.

RPA Design

AQL’s RPA developers help you map and scale manual processes and identify RPA models which can easily fit into existing business ecosystem.

RPA Support

We provide organizations with extensive support for ongoing RPA activities and associated infrastructure.

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Our Power Apps & Automate Portfolio

Download this eBook by AQL’s RPA expert to know how you can achieve true automation & improve business value.

Download this eBook by Sameer Mohammed, RPA Lead at AQL Technologies, to learn how RPA helps companies implement true automation in their businesses. As RPA lead, Sameer has been instrumental in truly automating 100s of business processes across many organizations. This eBook will guide business leaders and experts to begin their RPA automation journey through the following aspects:

  • Need of RPA in today’s business world and popular tools to implement the same.
  • Capability of RPA in increasing customer satisfaction, getting ROI on digital projects, optimizing business processes, & more, across several industrial domains.
  • An easy and strategic agile approach to realize RPA based automations using various RPA platforms.
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