Covid-19 Response Application

  • My Emergency Contacts

    • A desktop & mobile self-service portal to address all Covid-19 concerns.
    • Enables Response team and help desk to develop custom Covid-19 incident handling plans.
    • Share Covid-19 helpful articles, news & links with the whole organization.
    • Self-service portal to report all Covid-19 issues like report systems, quarantine time period, hospitalization, death, recovery, and back to work.
  • Report Incident

    • Enhanced reports and dashboards give management improved ability to effectively manage teams and employees during the Covid-19 times.
    • Reports & Dashboards to view employees complete help details including reported incidents.
    • Track & view employees or team’s detailed health status reports.
  • I Need Help

    Contact Tracing
    • Maintain user’s personal and work emergency contacts along with their current projects.
    • Emergency alert notification via email, text messages, phone calls as needed.
    • Contact traceability by tracking employee’s daily contact with others reducing notification time in case of Covid-19 positive outbreak.
  • Sanitization Request

    • Keep a track of Sanitization request and status for all locations and let employees report any sanitation concerns.
    • Create and track employee sanitation protocols across the enterprise.
  • Survey

    Incident Management
    • Keep in touch with quarantine employees on a regular basis.
    • Track Quarentines & Back to work employees.
  • Self Expose Assessment

    Team Onsite Schedule
    • Schedule and track employees on-site/ remote schedules.

Covid-19 Response Application for Your Organization

AQL’s Covid-19 Response Application helps organizations mobilize their emergency response efforts during Covid-19 outbreak and automate activities on multiple fronts. Includes several modules like central portal, self– reporting, exposure management, sanitization requests, incident tracking dashboard, report to view employee health status and lot more. Build on Microsoft platform and compatible with Office 365, Azure & Power platform.

Covid-19 Response Application for Your Organization


This is a very useful application for tracking organizational Covid-19 concerns, address Covid-19 employee needs, keeping in touch with quarantine employees, reporting to management along with many other useful features.
– Manager at Manufacturing Company.

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