Creating site Collection in its own Database

Creating site collection from CA is one of the easiest things but creating it with its own database is a little different, there are several ways to do it but I am going to do it using PowerShell:

//Get the web application in $wb variable
$wb = Get-SPWebApplication -Identity http://MySharePointServer:9001

//Get the desired name of the site collection’s database, we will create this DB later
$dbname = “Wss_content_MySite”

//Get url of the desired site collection
$SiteCollectionUrl = “http:// MySharePointServer:9001/”

//Create the new database
new-spcontentdatabase $dbname -databaseserver “SP2010Database” -webapplication $wb

//Create the site collection
new-spsite –url $SiteCollectionUrl -owneralias MyDomain\OwnerOfSiteCollection -Contentdatabase $dbname

After this is done and the first time you login to the site collection you will be prompted to select the template for the site and the users.

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